Sale Preparation Checklist

List of things we need to help us successfully list your home!

✓ An Extra Key for the Lock Box
✓ Alarm Codes (if any)
✓ Property Tax Amounts: (how much per year)
✓ Utility Bills: Hydro, Gas, Water
✓ Floor Plans of the Home (if available)
✓ Survey of the Property
✓ Completed Seller Property Information Statement
✓ Any Necessary Mortgage Documentation
✓ Monthly Condo Fees and What they Include (if applicable)

Additional Information

✓ A list of any upgrades or improvements and the home’s best features
✓ Receipts for major repairs/renovations will help (e.g. bill for roof shingling)
✓ Receipts and/or ages of major appliances and fixtures/chattels (e.g. furnace, air conditioner, pool repairs…)
✓ Any notes/special features you would like ensure to be included in the listing
✓ Copy of any “out-of-season” photos, or photos previously taken that may help sell the home
✓ Copy of condominium board rules and bylaws (if applicable)
✓ Any other notables that you think may aid us in the sales process