What to Expect

Step 1 – Home Viewing, and Initial Meeting

In our initial meeting we will discuss your selling objectives and review your home for a complete market analysis, along with answering any questions you have.

Step 2 – Research and Preparation

Following our initial meeting, I will research and prepare a complete market evaluation of your property’s current market value, including comparable properties that have sold, and properties currently for sale on the real estate market.

Step 3 – Market Evaluation and Listing Presentation

Within a few days, we will initiate a second meeting, in which we will thoroughly discuss your homes current market value, and how we plan on getting it sold!

Step 4 – The Journey Begins

Following the listing presentation we will set out parameters and timelines on the listing of your property, sign all necessary paperwork, and the sales journey begins.

Step 5 – Preparing your Home for Sale

Home preparation is a key factor in selling a home. Properly staging a home for sale can significantly decrease the sales time needed to sell, along with improving buyer’s perception of the home. An additional feature to the service is that I share my Preferred Professionals with you, providing you with reputable contacts to perform any preparation jobs needed. Examples of this include painters, general contractors, and business people needed to complete the sale of your home.

Step 6 – The Listing Begins

As of the effective listing date set, showings will commence according to our listing and marketing plan. During the first days of the listing period, your home is entered into our MLS system, and the internet, the advertising schedule commences, and we begin to show your home to prospective buyers.

Step 7 – The Offer Arrives

When a buyer that is interested in the property decides that they are serious about buying your property, we will then negotiate the offer to get you the best price and terms possible.

Step 8 – The Conditional Period

After an agreement is reached, there is typically a one week period (approximately), that the buyer will have in order to secure the financing necessary to purchase the home, and perform a building inspection to ensure that the property is in the condition they expected. Keep in mind, that conditions and terms will vary for each transaction.

Once all these conditions are satisfied, we will ensure that all of the necessary deadlines are met, and that the agreement becomes firm and binding on your property.

Step 9 – The Closing

Once the Agreement of Purchase and Sale is firm and binding, we will ensure that you have all of the contacts necessary, and that everything is in place for the final closing on your home. At that point, all necessary documentation is sent to your lawyer, and they will complete the transaction.

Step 10 – The Home is Sold

After the completion of the sale, we will follow up and ensure that all is completed as expected, from there; we will keep in contact, as you are now a client for life!